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Social Media Advertising is Targeted!



Social Media Advertising enables you to highly target customers. Let’s take Facebook as an example. Posting organically can generate followers and stimulate sales, but properly boosting a post can place it in front of immediate buyers and increase sales. However, improperly boosting a post on Facebook can cost you money. We are well trained at properly boosting ads and will discuss targeting plans with your team prior to performing any boosts.

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How Targeted Are Facebook Ads?

    Properly boosted Facebook posts can place your ad in front of specific and motivated buyers using the following criteria.

  • Location – Target buyers based on a specific city, state, or zip code.
  • Demographics – Target buyers based on population and income.
  • Age – Target buyers based on their age.
  • Gender – Target men, women, or both.
  • Interests – Target buyers with ads based on a person’s search interests.
  • Behavior – Target buyers with ads based on recent purchases.
  • Connections – Target ads based on the types of people or groups a person is associated with.

Higher Returns With Remarketing

When a visitor arrives on your site through a boosted post, tagging them with a cookie will enable future audience remarketing. This enables you to highly target individuals that have shown an interest in your offer by using a behavioral and demographic filters. Retargeting based on demographics will help your ads reach people that can actually afford your offer, which equals more money!

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